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Specification - the problem domain

The need to solve a specific problem is the main driver and motivation factor for developing an engineering project, either on a business level or industry context.

Implementation - the solution domain

There is no single solution to a problem and therefore working on the solution domain means to make available all the tools and skills on the team to adress it.

Codebase Maintenance

Because software and insdustrial equiments are hardly ever a finished product, change request quality assurance is of vital importance. The modeling and location of product parts and artifacts is vital for a consistent product evolution.

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Who we are?

MAGNETE-Tech has been providing custom services to businesses and organizations since 1995. Our teams have been involved in many projects such as SAP plug-in for e-commerce and SAP platforms maintenance and lately - SAP S/4HANA - upgrades, online applications for e-banking, Document Management systems, Internet security, Quality of service, Secure Networks, and other high-end support and developments for Telecom companies: VODAFONE, MEO,NOS. MAGNETE-Tech also provides man power and engineering expertise for the Government at the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

Because every project is different and need specific skills, our projects coordinators are at the core of any development and will partner with you to develop a successful products, or provide man power / work force or business strategy so that in every aspects all may be optimized for reliability and availability.

Our team

With roots in 1990s, our core team has helped to install local branches in Lisbon of companies like Altran in Portugal and have partnered with other major consultancy companies such as Accenture and Deloitte during the development of many projects over the years in sectors ranging from Telecommunications to Government agencies, Retail, Education and Factory Production.MAGNETE-Tech also have expertise in LEAN-SIX-SIGMA, having the black belt certification; although we applied it for several industries from Aviation to car industries, being responsible for mechatronic training on the automotive training center of Lisbon, we bringing all those major concepts for the modern programming languages integrating agile techniques.

There is no skill that will fit all projects and therefore our engineering team specialised in the coordination of specific project teams due to todays specific skill level, specially on the code implementation area. In this scenario, the core team is fixed and the project team will organically grow as needed based on technology specific environments.

As with any complex and multi-skill environment, development of products without proper architecture definitions and processes could be compared to create a symphony without setting the model for the different instruments on a partiture. It could be done for a simplistic single instrument two-minute piece but as complexity emerges, a model must be the representation of the final artifacts for the work-team, either musicians, programmers or factory builders.

From data collecting...

Proper data collecting, naming and specification will avoids imprecision semantics and confusion among the team members in the subsequent development phases. The relative importance of information to a given domain let a specific hierarchy of entities to emerge.

to structural and behavioural modeling...

The structural relationship between the entities and other elements of any system is extremely important; defining the interaction between these elements allows for the exact description of, for example a software or product specification and its functionalities or simply tasks to be accomplish by man-power, coming all together at the end in terms of activity-flows.

to code artifacts.

After Analysis and Design, the Implementation phase transpose the modeling ideas and the associated semantics into code artifacts that relate directly to the models and, after Testing, can be incorporated in the final product available to the end user.


If you have a project in mind,
we can find the resources for you.

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